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Meet some of our Clients ...

My husband and I had been trying for a family for nearly 4 years and I had been advised by the IVF clinic to drop my current BMI of 44 to under 34%. I had no idea where to start so I picked up the phone and called Motiv8trainer. The information and support I received was brilliant. I booked a free consultation there and then.


When Paul arrived at my house I felt embarrassed and shy but as the weeks passed I grew with confidence in my trainer, my fitness and myself. The support and advice I received from Paul was excellent and my exercise routines’ were always tailored around to suit my working days.


 I have lost nearly 3 stone with the help of motiv8 but the most amazing thing is;  I am now 25 weeks pregnant (naturally) and can’t thank Paul enough for his support and advice as without Motiv8trainer I would have been stuck in my daily life just plodding on and thrown away an opportunity of the most important dream in my life .... A family.




Sharon Tyler


“With Motiv8trainer’s expert advice and encouragement I have lost a stone and a half in just eight sessions (with a 50% reduction in body fat around my waist) and am thrilled with my new toned body.


I have been able to establish and maintain an exercise regime which works for me and is varied and enjoyable. I have overhauled my eating habits to great effect too with Motiv8trainer’s specially tailored plan, reducing stress and increasing my overall wellbeing enormously.


There are so many reasons to do this and I would not hesitate to recommend Motiv8trainer  to others – it’s no exaggeration to say that it’s the best money I have ever spent.  It has set me on the path to what will be lifelong good habits.”



"Having a personal trainer has been the ONLY way I have ever been able to shape up, lose weight and create rhythm with my exercising.  My personal trainer is an absolute professional -always on hand if I have questions regarding my diet or personally tailored fitness regime and a perfectionist.  He is not judgemental and really helps keep me focused and motivated. 


If you are considering shaping up with Motiv8trainer, you will receive a diet you can really work with and a fitness regime that suits you.  Knowing that my personal trainer  is keeping "tabs" on my weight I wasn't tempted to cheat on my diet or skip exercises (which is where I have failed before).  The last few months training with Motiv8trainer have been a real investment in myself and the way I feel is priceless.


My Dad has now employed a personal trainer to whip him into shape after seeing the changes in me.  Personal Trainers are not just for celebs - everyone should take care of themselves, and if you can't do it by yourself, I really recommend Motiv8trainer."



Lana Inglis


Clare Graham


I contacted Motiv8trainer after deciding that I needed to completely change my way of dieting & exercise. Unhappy with the way I looked and felt I didn’t want to try another fad diet only to give up after 2 weeks!


The most important thing I learned from my trainer is food control. I was given fantastic support/advice on the types of foods to eat, on small changes to my diet and especially portion control. My trainer took the time to find out the types of food I liked and set me out daily diet sheets with portion size so I knew exactly when and what to eat.


When I started exercise training with Motiv8trainer I was unfit and wanted to lose 2-3 stones. I started my training with running, which I was terrible at, barely able to run 3mins without stopping. After only a few sessions my trainer had taught me techniques to control and focus on breathing and I was running for 20mins!


I can now run for 40 and have started toning exercises. I can see the difference in my body and shape. I would be more than happy to recommend Motiv8trainer to anyone who is thinking about getting a Personal Trainer.



Michelle Burnett


You can't put a price on the value of your health and Motiv8trainer worked with me to give me a unique program to suit my complex health needs.  


The workouts are fun and flexible while remaining challenging and giving me a real boost!




Leanne Dingwall

I got in contact with Motiv8 trainer when I needed to fine tune my diet and training, and within a space of a few months I was losing body fat and putting on good muscle mass.


I felt good about myself and whenever I needed to talk to my trainer he was there for me to give me advice and to chat about difficulties that I may of had. I would recommend Motiv8trainer for people needing a push to get into shape or needing to get there training to the next level.


These guys don’t just take your money they get to know you and they also want to see you succeed and feel better about you’re self.


Nabeel Hussain

Hi my name is Evelyn, I am 43 years old and I sought the help of Motiv8trainer in August 2010 as I wanted to get fit and lose some weight but could not get myself motivated.


My personal trainer is fantastic for lots of reasons, the most important being his motivational skills, enthusiasm and support.  He taught me that fitness is not all that difficult. He has kept me focused on my goals and encouraged me to keep going.

The exercises that he plans for me are varied and interesting so I never got bored.


He knows exactly how to challenge me without the exercise plan becoming boring or too difficult. Don’t get me wrong there have been times I’ve wanted punch & scream at him but in the end your shaking his hand thanking him for pushing you to your limit and that's when you know you have the best trainer.


During the 6 months training with him I have lost a stone in weight, dropped 2 dress sizes, and toned up all over. My fitness, strength, flexibility, energy and attitude have all improved and I feel much better for it, so if you’re seriously thinking of hiring a personal trainer I cannot recommend Motiv8trainer highly enough . They are very patient and loyal and without them I know I would not have remained committed, thank you so much.


Evelyn Campbell